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Ben is a native of Southwest Virginia and a graduate of William Byrd High School. He and his wife, Tiffani, are the proud parents of a very active 2-year old son, Remington. They have also cared for Ben’s 92-year old grandfather in their home for the past six years and while they love having three generations under one roof, they’re also keenly aware of the need for adequate support services so families who choose to can keep their aging family members at home for as long as possible. For families that are not able or for seniors who are alone, Ben knows that there is a great need for good elder care and memory care facilities in Roanoke County and will work to make sure that Vinton’s senior citizens enjoy quality care and the best quality of life.

Ben is an investment analyst and business information editor who works from home and who depends on reliable Internet connection to access data, maintain communication with his employer, and to meet deadlines. Tiffani has launched two small, home-based businesses that rely on the Internet for success. Because Ben knows the frustrations and challenges of an unreliable connection, he supports broadband initiatives that will help grow Vinton businesses and draw new industry to Roanoke County.

As an avid hunter and fisherman, Ben believes that our valley’s natural beauty is one of our greatest assets, and its protection is vitally important. He supports further greenway expansion and thinks that a more comprehensive, countywide recycling program is needed.

Ben Shepherd has a Vision for Vinton, and is running for the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors to make sure that Vinton receives its fair share of funding and attention. He wants to make sure that when Remington graduates from William Byrd High School and goes off to college, he’ll want to return to Vinton to raise his family just like his father did. He wants Remy and his peers to have opportunity and a thriving community waiting for them in the Roanoke Valley.

If you share Ben’s Vision for Vinton, vote Ben Shepherd for Roanoke County Board of Supervisors on November 7th.



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